Nowadays architects and designers do not want to see frames and hinges around doors, they need a clean view of walls to highlight the beauty of the design itself.

With STAINO & STAINO we offer a wide collection of frameless doors, available in several finishes like veneer, lacquered, glass or even in rough finish where the client can apply wallpaper or paint on them.
Each production step is overviewed, including the assembly phase and quality testing. Staino & Staino works closely with italian industry leading companies to deliver components for specific requirements with the highest quality standards set by our company. All the products are Made in Italy.

A door can not be completed without handles. Thanks to our partner Mandelli 1953 we are able to offer a wide collection of handles in different style with the highest quality of material. 

Glass partitions
Matt handles
Modern handles
Concrete handles
Classic handles
Engraved handles
Marble handles
Leather handles

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